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JDP News

Client Christmas Message

by Computare on 12/21/20

This has to have been one of the most challenging years for our business but we are still on target to meet HMRC and Companies House deadlines.

There will be some clients who are yet to send their records to us so that we can complete and submit all self assessment returns before the 31st January 2021 deadline.  Although there are calls for the UK Government to extend the tax return submission deadline we cannot risk filing late and suffering penalties.  It is for this reason that we are asking clients to ensure that all records are with us within the first week of our reopening in the New Year.

Most smaller clients are able to submit their records via email but if this is not the case for you then you need to email the office to fix a time and date to drop off your records.  We will not be able to let you into the building but somebody will be on hand to take your papers.

Thank you for your continued support in these uncertain times.  Your quick payment for our services is very much appreciated.

All that remains is for us to wish you a Happy Christmas and New Year!

England placed in National Lockdown

by Computare on 11/02/20

The UK Government has now placed England under a national lockdown from Thursday 5th November to Wednesday 2nd December.

This means that many businesses will be forced to close again much in the same way as they did in the first lockdown. HMRC has updated its website to summarise these changes. It would be well worth a read to see whether you or your business qualifies for any of the new support.

We will be operating remotely on an e-mail only basis to enable us to manage queries and support clients. If you need to drop paperwork to the office then we can arrange to have somebody meet you at the door. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide face to face meetings.

If you intend to come to the office then please follow the Covid guidelines by ensuring that you are wearing a suitable mask and be ready to anti-bac your hands. We have a QR reader which will enable you to check-in at the office. If you do not have an app then a record of your visit will be recorded for two weeks and then disposed of.

As before do not come to the office if you, or any of the people you are in close contact with, are displaying any of the three main symptoms of Coronavirus: high temperature, loss of taste or smell, and/or a new continuous cough.

Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) Grants

by Computare on 10/27/20

We hope that you are keeping safe and well.

This is a  brief update to say that there are two further grants scheduled to be available for self-employed workers. Grant three covers the period 1st November 2020 to 31st January 2021 and grant four covers the period 1st February to 30th April 2021. Neither grant is available yet so if you intend to make a claim keep looking for updates.  The first two grants are now closed.

Unfortunately as before we are unable to make a claim for you as agents.

For a more detailed look at the grants and to see whether you qualify please follow this link to the Money Saving Expert's (MSE) advice page for the self-employed.

If you have any questions after reading the MSE then please contact us via e-mail and we will try to assist.

Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS) Grant Two

by Computare on 08/12/20

The second and final grant for the self-employed becomes available from Monday 17th August 2020. The deadline for making the claim is Monday 19th October 2020.

If you claimed the first grant you will know that it is a straightforward process. You will already be registered with HMRC (you will be contacted) so it should be even easier this time around. Even if you did not claim the first grant you are entitled to claim the second one as long as your business has been adversely affected on or after 14th July 2020.

The total grant amount is smaller than last time and will represent 70% of profits up to a maximum of £2190 per month. The maximum amount claimable is £6570. The grant is taxable but it does not need to be paid back.

Unfortunately we are not permitted to make a claim on your behalf.

Self Assessment Statements

by Computare on 07/07/20

This week is the week that HMRC sends out Self Assessment Statements to taxpayers requesting the second payment on account to be paid for the 2019/20 tax year.

We all have the right to defer this payment until 31st January 2021 but remember that if you do not pay now then there is likely to be quite a substantial tax bill to pay at the end of January 2021 when the tax regime returns to normal. To be precise the tax liability will not be more overall but it will all hit at the same time; just after Christmas.

If you decide not to make the second of payment on account now you should make sure that you keep the tax save and ready to pay when it becomes due in six months time. It may be worthwhile keeping the funds in a separate account or even better, switching it into Premium Bonds. You never know...

Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS)

by Computare on 06/09/20

We hope that you are staying fit and well.

Just a brief update on our previous posts. You will by now have made your claim for the three month period covering March to May 2020. The grants are worth up to 80% of profits up to a maximum of £2,500 per calendar month. If you have not claimed then please be aware that there is an absolute deadline of Monday 13th July.

You will be pleased to hear that there is a second grant available to cover the period June to August 2020. The maximum claim is £2,190 per calendar month, or £6,570 in total. The second grant window opens in August.

We are not permitted to make claims on behalf of clients but we strongly recommend making a claim. The grant is calculated by HMRC so all you need to do is apply for it to see if you qualify.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

by Computare on 06/09/20

For the latest information on the CJRS please follow the Paytec News Blog

Health & Safety Executive - Spam Email

by Computare on 06/09/20

Please be aware that if you receive an email with the following information that it is a scam.  The HSE has advised not to download the attachment and to delete the email immediately  HSE does not send out complaint accusations in this way.

This is an official notification regarding an occurring investigation (case xxxxxxx) made by our team (Health & Safety Executive).

Self-Employed Income Support Scheme(SEISS)

by Computare on 05/05/20

The UK Government has announced that the SEIS Scheme will be going live on Wednesday 13th May.

The most important point is that we are not permitted to make the claim on your behalf. We will be emailing our self-employed clients to make them aware that this scheme is becoming available, but we can't advise on whether individual cases will be eligible or otherwise.

HM Revenue and Customs has created a test to check whether you are eligible for the scheme. HMRC ELIGIBILITY CHECKER You will need to enter your ten digit Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number and your National Insurance number to run the check. You will then be told whether you qualify or not. If you do qualify then you will be given the date that you can start your claim and be invited to provide contact details to receive a reminder.

As part of the claim process you will need to provide your UTR, NI number, bank details, and register for the Government Gateway (if you have not already done so). You will need to confirm that your business has been adversely affected by Coronavirus. Please make sure that your contact details are up to date on the Government Gateway.

This is a link to the HMRC SEISS claim page.

Good luck with your claim.

Coronavirus Job Retention Claim Forms

by Computare on 04/20/20

A quick update to say that Paytec has received approximately 25% of all client CJRS claim forms over the weekend and that we have trained the team this morning on the computations needed for claiming 80% pay, National Insurance and employers pension contributions. It hasn't been straightforward because March is in most cases a part month calculation, which includes normal pay before furloughing. We have also had a run through the operation of the HMRC claim portal. And as you would expect it crashed mid claim due to the pressure on the system.

We are pleased to say that we have completed some claims and the remainder will be filtering through over the coming week. One obvious point is that we need to run and calculate the April monthly payroll to ensure that the claim being made ties in with the actual payroll figures associated with the month.

Please bear with us. We are a small team and the CJRS presents us with an unexpectedly high workload. If we need any further information then we will be in contact.